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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Key Steps

This detailed listing follows on from the overview document, SEO Key. If you have not yet read that, you may find it helpful to do so.

SMM will be happy to work with you to ensure your website is highly visible in search engine keyword searches and is bringing in sales. For more details on SEO packages, select either Canada Flag SEO Canada, USA Flag SEO USA or World Flag SEO World.

This SEO Key is a summary checklist of what needs to be done for effective SEO. Newsletter #45 gives more explanation. This Key is kept current at all times. The list below shows the current priority steps including link-building and spreading the word through social media. Be prepared to invest significant time in becoming an expert and in staying on top of changes. Alternatively work with someone who can provide that up-to-date expertise.


SEO gets web pages ranked highly in Search Engine Report Pages (SERPs) by natural selection. All three major search engines must be considered - Google ("G"), Yahoo! ("Y") and MSN Search or Bing ("M"). The latter two will be combining at some time in the next two years. In the text below, an inlink for a web page is a hyperlink "pointing" towards the given web page from some other web page. Google uses the term 'back link' for this word 'inlink'.

Web pages must not contravene the Terms of Service of each search engine. A contravention might trigger permanent removal from the search engine database and thus zero resulting traffic. This largely means that the search engine spider sees what the human visitor sees.

SEO involves the following steps:

1. Prior Keyword analysis (Website objectives, Competition, USP, Location)

2. Keyword Selection(Frequency of use, variants)

3. Design of the website and every web page for strong SEO

Overall website design and web page factors
Text-based internal links or linking images with ALT text (including keywords)
simple dynamic URLs, single database variables
careful use of 'invisible' content such as Images and Flash
avoidance of duplicate web pages
Less visible elements
Title (keywords early)
Description metatag (useful for Y and used by G on the SERP)
Keyword metatag (not a factor except for Y as source of associated words e.g. mis-spellings)
NOSCRIPT tag (use only if need to add content to compensate for invisible content, e.g. Flash, Frames)
Link text (appropriate inclusion of keywords)
Page Content
Headings (keywords early)
Bolding (in line with human visitor page clarity)
Body of text (appropriate use of keywords and synonyms, particularly in starting and wind-up paragraphs)
Search Engine Robot friendly
Appropriate robot.txt file, redirects and sitemap file

4. Development of appropriate inlinks from other authoritative websites

5. Gaining visibility for the website(s) in social media

6. Ongoing monitoring of website traffic to observe how visitors arrive, how they move through the website and then convert to prospects.

Newsletter 45 gives some explanatory information on this subject and this SEO Key is referred to in the section on "What Now Works For SEO".

Next Steps

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SMM's strengths, experience and creativity can be working for you. For examples of typical SEO projects, select either Canada Flag SEO Canada, USA Flag SEO USA or World Flag SEO World.

If you are looking for an expert who can provide guidance to your team as they work on SEO, then SMM is an ideal choice. If this is of interest then write us a Message on what you're looking for without obligation or request a quotation by clicking on the button to the right.


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Last revision June 1, 2009

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